I’m a full stack developer/system architect with experience in a wide range of technologies, located in Weiz, Austria.

  • Database design, data modeling
  • Software architecture
  • System architecture
  • Object-Oriented and functional software development (Rust, Java, C#, C++, C, Assembler, JavaScript, TypeScript)
  • API design (Web-based, REST, SOAP, GraphQL, O-Data, library interfaces)
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud experience with Azure (also some with AWS and Google Cloud)
  • Linux/Unix server environments (hosting, redundancy, cluster operation, virtualization)
  • Low-Level development (kernel and device driver development)
  • Security-Aware software development and design

My master thesis “Development of an ARM TrustZone aware operating system ANDIX OS” is available here. The source code of andix-os is available https://github.com/afitzek/andix-os.